Connecticut Gun Registration Cropped

Pullman and Comley Exposed Trying To Disarm Law-Abiding Connecticut Residents and Scamming Clients

Pullman & Comley, was once known as the largest and most prestigious law firm in the state of Connecticut. Recently, Pullman & Comley has been involved in some very shady and illegal activities. Pullman & Comley is controlled by key figures stemming from Governor Dannel Malloy’s administration. Pullman & Comley, led by Chairman James T. Shearin, has consistently been awarded state contract after state contract and they didn’t even need to have the lowest bid in a system that was designed to save the Connecticut taxpayer’s funding.


Danbury State's Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III

Wolfgang Halbig requests for Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky to open his Sandy Hook investigative findings and correct the lies told by 16 CT State Troopers and a Newtown Police Lt on how they entered the Sandy Hook School through the shot out glass window

Why did they come forward now? Well, when we get into Federal Court you can
ask them yourself.

Basically they said to me, “Do you think we are so stupid that we would enter
a shot out glass window?”

How stupid did you make all of those Connecticut State Police officers look by
using their names on falsified police documents and then making those
documents public?

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, left, is sworn in for his second term as Connecticut's governor by the Honorable Andrew J. McDonald, right, as wife Cathy Malloy, second from left, and son Dannel Malloy, look on, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, inside the William A. O'Neill Armory in Hartford Conn. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill, Pool)

Governor Malloy just ordered minor children and school staff from Sandy Hook Elementary School into Chalk Hill Middle School which is full of Asbestos, Lead Paint and high levels of PCB’s without telling the parents of the serious health risks facing their precious children

Governor Malloy:

Why would you be so reckless in sending the minor children and teachers from Sandy Hook Elementary School to Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe, CT and refuse to abate all of the Asbestos, Lead Paint and PCB’s?

You allowed a Day Care Center to operate in that school over the past 15 months supposedly, when Federal Laws passed in 2010, strictly prohibited Day Care Children from operating in schools with Toxic Chemicals especially LEAD PAINT.


Governor Malloy Put On Notice: How could you allow the Newtown Bee to enter an Active Shooter Crime scene and take pictures of minor children and then violate each individual child’s privacy rights and that of each minor child’s parents? What kind of Governor sits back and allows this to happen under his watch?

The laws in CT protecting minor children’s privacy rights as you can see by the Wheelers clearly show that they did not want their child face published in the news media. They protected their child’s privacy rights.
Why is Lenie Urbina aka Avielle Richman in the lower picture privacy rights being a minor child not being protected or that of the two classes of minor children being evacuated from the Sandy Hook Elementary School minor children’s privacy rights not being protected?

Governor Dan Malloy

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy to be Rewarded with Billboards in Hartford to Expose The Lies & Fraud in his Judicial System

Only We The People can stop this outright corruption. The people need to see the truth. If you go to you’ll see what we are talking about. We want as many people going to work and coming home to have that same opportunity that we have every day. How can his son get only a $2500 bail for armed robbery with a firearm which are two huge felonies in CT?


Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s Son, Benjamin Malloy Arrested For 2 Felony Armed Robbery Charges – $2500 Bond

State of Connecticut, Judge, Avon Police Department, and Hartford State’s Attorney’s Office Caught Manipulating Multiple Investigations to Railroad Sandy Hook Whistleblower Jonathan Reich Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy to be Rewarded with Billboards to Expose the Lies & Fraud in his Judicial System Legal Defense Fund Against Connecticut Corruption Pullman &…

Ben Malloy, pictured here in a 2007 Greenwich police photo, was arrested again Wednesday by Darien Police.

Mayor’s Son Busted — Again!

As Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy explores a run for the governor’s office, his son is in trouble with the law again.

Ben Malloy, 21, and two other men tried to rob drugs from a Darien man early Tuesday morning, Darien Police said.